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Custom window treatments provide a tailored look that perfectly complements the décor of the space and the design of any window. Custom manufactured window treatments can be created to fit any size or shape of window, which is especially useful in homes with unique architectural features and window designs. Whilst providing enhanced light control, privacy, and energy efficiency, they can help to reduce utility bills, increase home value and provide a more comfortable living environment. With the advent of home automation systems, many window treatments can now be integrated into these systems, allowing homeowners to easily control their window treatments with the touch of a button, voice commands or have the shades be completely automated and open and close at preferred times of the day. This feature not only enhances convenience but can also improve security by giving the impression that someone is home, even when the property is vacant.



Axiom Integration is an excellent choice for anyone looking for high-quality home theater and home automation services. With over 55 years of combined experience in both the residential and commercial arena, we offer a detail-oriented approach to quality which is backed by our knowledgeable and passionate team. Axiom Integration is the perfect partner for anyone looking to enhance their home entertainment experience or to create a more productive and pleasing work environment.

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1. What are window treatments?

Window treatments are coverings that are used to enhance the appearance and functionality of windows. They can be used to provide privacy, control light, and insulate against heat and cold. Common types of window treatments include curtains, blinds, shades, and shutters.

2. How do I choose the right window treatments?

Choosing the right window treatments depends on several factors, including the size and shape of the window, the style of the room, the desired level of privacy and light control, and personal preferences. Consider the material, color, and design of the window treatment, as well as its ease of use and maintenance.

3. What are the benefits of window treatments?

The benefits of window treatments include improved privacy, light control, and energy efficiency. They can also enhance the overall appearance of a room by adding color, texture, and style. Window treatments can help reduce energy costs by providing insulation against heat and cold.

4. How do I measure for window treatments?

To measure for window treatments, use a tape measure to measure the width and height of the window opening. For curtains or drapes, add extra length and width to allow for fullness and gathering. For blinds or shades, measure the inside of the window frame or the outside of the frame if you want the treatment to extend beyond the window.

5. Can window treatments save energy?

Yes, window treatments can help save energy by reducing heat loss in the winter and blocking out heat in the summer. Insulated curtains or shades, for example, can help keep a room warm in the winter by trapping heat inside, while blocking out the sun’s rays in the summer can help keep a room cool. Additionally, certain types of window treatments like cellular shades or shutters can also add an extra layer of insulation to windows, helping to reduce energy costs.


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